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The first time I tried to speak English I thought there was something wrong with me


What if there was a proven formula you could follow to get over your fears of speaking?


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My name is Moaz Mohammed and I am the founder of Speakpanda.


At Speakpanda we hack language learning and test 100s of learning strategies per year. Then we turn the most effective strategies into detailed step-by-step instructions and case studies for you.


Step 1: We research and test everything.


Step 2: You get the best strategies.


For example:


Last month we found one method to improve pronunciation. We applied it in one of our speaking clubs and a few days later our students showed over 50% improvement in pronunciation and intonation.


The best part? It takes less than 15-minutes to implement.


The formula isn’t hard. It’s not complicated. But if you don’t constantly research and test new things you’ll miss out on formulas like this that can easily improve your speaking.


That’s why we’re here.




We do that hard work for you.


Every week we email out a new improvement strategy.


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